Be More In Your Skin Inspiration

SKINEEZ Skincarewear strives to make women feel more confident in the skin they’re in above anything else. Our most important mission is helping women feel stronger, more confident, and more comfortable in their own bodies. Check out this amazing story below from a mother fighting a long battle with cancer, who found relief with SKINEEZ!

“I absolutely love this brand!”

“I was diagnosed with cancer January of 2015. I am still going through treatment that may be a long time until I’m done. Throughout my year and a half of treatment, they have switched to stronger and not as strong drugs, causing my side effects to vary. For the past two months they put me on a treatment that can cause skin issue. They say that my entire body could break out and cause really dry skin. They recommended me to lotion every time I could in order to keep my skin moist.
My daughter is a hair stylist and she bought a pair of these leggings and tank tops for working all day because when she goes home, she says it feels like her skin is dry and feeling like the plain tanks were causing her to feel dry all of the time. Since she has worn these everyday since the purchase, she suggested them to me. She said that she feels as though her skin is constantly moisturized and smooth. She wasn’t sure how well it would work with my condition but I figured that I could give them a try.

When I first put the leggings on, I felt as though they were part of me, like I had nothing on since they were so light and felt good. The first day I wore them all day and at night when I took them off, I felt like my skin was still moist. The next day I woke up, and my legs felt amazing still, so I put on another pair, as well as a tank top and my skin has never felt better. Since this new treatment, I have felt like my skin is not dry or cracking or breaking out like they say it could from my treatment. I feel very confident when I wear them out and about, as they are comfortable and make my legs look smooth and amazing. I am very thankful for an awesome product like these. This has made me feel more like myself and confident to wear a bathing suit, as my skin looks and feels amazing. Thank you SKINEEZ for making me feel good in my own skin, without going through many jars of moisturizer per week.”

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