Nurses_WeekNurse: (n.) a trained individual who gives medical attention to those who are in need.

A nurse is someone who is compassionate enough to apply what they know, and provide that information and process to those who need it. Nurses have a passion to see progression and change. Without nurses, our world would be filled with sick individuals who don’t have a cure to their needs. Nurses are kindhearted, they are empathetic, and they are selfless. They aid their patients to an outcome that will help them achieve a long-term, or short-term goal. Nurses fill the minds of their patients day in and day out, as they attend with their patients health. We all have at least one nurse who has impacted our life, as someone we once relied on, and trusted.We put our lives into the hands of nurses, and we rely their attentiveness and knowledge.

This week is a time to truly thank a nurse for all their hard work and dedication they provide to various types of patients. A nurse is always putting their own needs aside, and providing to all of the other needs. Help SKINEEZ celebrate all of the nurses that we consider idols.

SKINEEZ is a great way to pamper your skin and body while on your feet all day, nurses! The comfortable and breathable fabrics are perfect for layering under scrubs to keep the skin hydrated while they lift and support.

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