10 Reasons to Buy Mom SKINEEZ This Mother’s Day

Show Mom how much you appreciate all of the wonderful things she willingly does for you with the gift of SKINEEZ.

Why you should buy SKINEEZ for Mom:

  1. She doesn’t have the time to moisturize her skin.
  2. She can always use a new camisole.
  3. Leggings go with all of her outfits… Sporty or casual.
  4. The Miracle Toning Thigh Smoother can be worn with various clothing articles.
  5. SKINEEZ provides comfort, lift, and support.
  6. Mom can wear SKINEEZ all day, everyday!
  7. The results that show will give her confidence!
  8. The infused cosmetic ingredients include: Apricot Kernel Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Vitamins A and E, Retinol and Shea Butter.
  9. The comfort of SKINEEZ will make her never want to take them off.
  10. Our online site is 50% off until 5/8! Shop now with code: SPRINGSALE for no exclusions!


Check out our posts on social media, and show us how you wear your SKINEEZ! Tag us on Instagram: @skineez_skincarewear Facebook: SKIN-EEZ Skincare Wear and Twitter: @Skineez

Don’t forget to BE more in YOUR skin!

Photo By: Lauren Page Wadsworth Photography (Instagram: @lwpadsworthphoto)

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