Why SKINEEZ For Mom This Mother’s Day

Let your Mom know how much you love her with a kiss, hug, and SKINEEZ!

Why SKINEEZ though? Moms are so busy constantly on the go, putting everyone but themselves first. It’s only right for Mom to feel confident and comfy when she is busy fulfilling everyone’s dreams. SKINEEZ Skincarewear is infused with clinically proven ingredients, delivering smoother, firmer and younger looking skin, perfect for the “always on the run” mom.

The infused ingredients include shea butter, apricot kernel oil, rose hip oil, retinol, and vitamin E, they are proven to soothe, rejuvenate, moisturize, increase elasticity, and nourish the skin. Perfect for a mom who rarely has time for herself or doesn’t have an extra few minutes when she jumps out of the shower to moisturize.  With the gift of SKINEEZ, mom can pamper herself, while on the go.

Capri: buy Mom the capri so she can run her errands, go to the gym, grocery store or even work in them.

Cami: buy Mom the cami to wear under her favorite shirts. She will feel the comfort and hydration throughout her day.

Whichever you choose, Mom will be able to refresh her body and skin, while fulfilling everyone else’s needs too. Add a card and flowers to your SKINEEZ gift and we guarantee Mom will be happy!

Use code: SPRINGSALE for 50% off your order, offer expires 5/8!

Buy here:http://www.myskineez.com

Visit us on social media here: Instagram: @skineez_skincarewear Facebook: SKIN-EEZ Skincare Wear and Twitter: @Skineez

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