Shoes, Shoes, Shoes…

Shoes to Match Your Leggings this Spring

With the various types of weather the months of April and May send our way, always go for the go-to look with a classic legging. A legging can be dressed up or down depending on how you accessorize. Don’t be afraid to show off those legs! With a casual look, the day to evening legging suits a weekday and weekend look. The Miracle Toning Women’s Capri will suit the need to be extra trendy this spring! The black will slenderize and match many other pieces in your wardrobe with various tops, weather permitting.

The Miracle Toning Women’s Capri will match any shoe you’re thinking of, such as casual sneakers, running sneakers, rain boots, booties, flats and sandals. All of your shoes can justify the way you want to wear your black legging! Don’t be afraid of unique style, girl! You are in charge of your body and skin. Stay hydrated and confident, and don’t forget to be more in your skin.

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