10 Things To Do This Weekend in Your SKINEEZ

This Weekend in Your SKINEEZ…

  1. Yoga… Free your mind and breathe in and out.
  2. Run/ Walk outside… Experience the beautiful weather and sunshine!!
  3. Manicure/ Pedicure… Your SKINEEZ are perfect to wear for a comfy day at the spa.
  4. Socialize… Yes, throw on your Miracle Toning Capri, a cute top and shoes and have fun with your friends!!
  5. Cook a tasty meal… Take the evening to spend time in your kitchen, it sure is rewarding.
  6. Treat yourself to a refreshing coffee, or cocktail… Or both!
  7. Watch a movie… Laughing, screaming, or crying… Your SKINEEZ will give you the comfort you need!
  8. Clean… There is nothing better than a clean living environment, so make that happen- tidy up!
  9. DIY (do it yourself) project… Be creative, either with friends or on your own!
  10. Recharge… Get ready for the next 5 days of working, and fill your mind with positive thoughts and vibes.

All of these activities are perfectly paired with your SKINEEZ on. Rejuvenate your body while doing the things you love this weekend, and remember to be more in your skin.

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Photo By: Lauren Page Wadsworth Photography (Instagram: @lwpadsworthphoto)

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